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Projects Burundi

Projects Burundi

Since 2012, SBFIC is working with its project partner RIM to enhance the professionalism of the microfinance sector in Burundi. We support our project partner in various areas :

1. Establishment of a Microfinance Academy

The aim of the academy is to provide regular professional training for employees of microfinance institutions as well as entrepreneurs in general. Thus, it contributes to the improvement of the quality and systematic development capacity of the microfinance sector and entrepreneurs in Burundi.

2. Financial education

Improving financial literacy of the Burundian population and increasing the number of people active in the formal financial sector is one of our main missions. We promote good financial practices among the population such as financial literacy, training of savings groups as well as teacher- and local authority training. In collaboration with RIM, SBFIC is conducting a comprehensive financial education program across the country. Not only children, but also adults and micro-entrepreneurs constitute the target groups for these activities. The World Savings Week is a great moment of financial education within this project.

3. Capacity development

In capacity building, there are regular interactive trading simulations of micro-entrepreneurs, Management Games, aimed at transmitting knowledge on the ways of acting and thinking of entrepreneurs. SBFIC supports RIM by providing training on management and information systems to its member institutions. In addition, the establishment of a RIM training academy for staff members of microfinance institutions and entrepreneurs in general is a component of the activities of the SBFIC’s project in Burundi.

4.Transparency in the microfinance sector

SBFIC supports training of MFIs to improve their reporting systems to the Central Bank as well as the training and supervision of implementing partners.

5.Strengthening RIM as a professional institution

SBFIC gives RIM financial and technical support. Also, the area of communication focused on the activities of our partners and our joint projects, as well as advocacy and lobbying for the microfinance sector in Burundi are very vital aspects of activities such as seminars, planning workshops with RIM and microfinance forums.