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Projects Tanzania

Projects Tanzania

1. Micro Business Games

SBFIC Tanzania conducts Micro Business Games tohether with their partners Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB Bank PLC) and the Tanzania Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI). Micro Business Games are 4-day management games for microentrepreneurs to teach them the basics of the entrepreneurship skills. it is meant for people who are already owning or intending to start SMEs, especially those with low levels of educatio. The business Management Game folows an illustrative and effective pratical learning approach whicg enables participants to easily understand business processes and get accustomed with the necesarry skills.

2.Institutional Strengthening of TAMFI

Since 2012, SBFIC has also been partning with the Tanzanian Association of Microfinance Institutions (TAMFI), the largest umbrella organization for MFIs in Tanzania by providing support through strategic advisory, workshops and trainings. Thanks to SBFICs support TAMFI has been able to increase its number of members institutions, to currently around 180 countrywide officially registered members. the further colaboration aims at increasing TAMFI’s financial sustainability and trainings for members.

3. Strategic Consulting of SELF MF

In 2017 a new collaboration with the SELF Microfinance Fund Ltd began. SELF MF Fund is 100% government owned. the institution first began in 1999 as a project co funded by ADB Bank and the government of Tanzania. however, in 2014, the project ended, and the new institution was born which continues to provide loans to MFIs, SACCOs and Community Banks for lending to underserved population. Since August 2017, SELF MF has been undergoing a process of transformation by changing organizational structure as well as developing better products for its customers. the transformation process is expected to be completed by June 2018. With its head offices currently in Dar Es Salaam, SELF MF is expected to also shift its head offices to Dodoma following the presidents’ decisions.

SBFIC supports SELF MF in this process through strategic and technical advice for the whole orh=ganization. Several working groups have been formed to work on the transformation process. For example, the marketing and re-branding team works on the corporate image and branding while the credit team works on how to ease and speed-up the loan process.Furthermore, SBFIC is involved in the strategic planning for the whole organization.

4. Financial Education for Students

SBFIC is conducting financial education at Kayanga in the Karagwe district since July 2017. Together with our partner KARUDECA we have conducted several workshops for the teachers to train them on the content of the financial education, material, methodologies and as well how to write reports. In total five primary schools (ten teachers) and six secondary schools (twelve teachers) are involved in the program. This school year, the 22 teachers teach financial education for about 3,500 students. For the next school year, SBFIC Tanzania together with TPB Bank PLC plans to extend this projects to schools in the Mwanza region and in Dar es Salaam. Furthermore, the World Savings Week is an integral part of this project.

5. Mystery Shopping

Drawing on the German mystery shopping program, SBFIC has developed a similar activity in East Africa to help MFIs recognize their deficiencies in customer care and provide them with a training to enhance the quality of their services. Together with the Tanzania Postal Bank (TPB) SBFIC Tanzania offers Mystery Shopping workshops to the staff of TPB Bank PLC and members of TAMFI.